Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hiking in Italy

Waterfalls of Lake Acquafraggia
Acqua Fraggia waterfalls at Borgonuovo (Sondrio)

So... now that we've committed ourselves to the great outdoors, I thought I'd share my list of links that enable us to put the hiking boots into action. We're not too big on books; they carry only a certain amount of information and are pointless to lug around. Large, detailed, fold out maps are much better (in my opinion), and you can either take the whole thing or zerox a specific area to bring with you. We wanted to build our collection of maps from A-Z, and I can't think of a better place than this cool map shop in Sondrio (Lombardia).

VEL - La Libreria del Viaggiatore (The Traveler Bookshop) has a vast selection covering Italy and beyond. We plunked nearly 100 euros worth on the Kompass and Tabacco labels for the northern italian regions, Le Marche, and Umbria. Compared to other bookstores that we've been to, prices are very fair, which is why it was so easy to get a little carried away in there(!). The website is also done in english, and it is possible to order online.

Website: VEL - La Libreria del Viaggiatore

The following links are favorite bookmarks that relate to rifugi (refuges) and itineraries. Granted, these are in italian but the last one does have a good list written in english.

Rifugi-Bivacchi (a website dedicated to mountain refuges and shelters)
Passolento (focuses on itineraries for the amateur hiker)
Discover Italia (also in english and german)
DISKA's PHOTOS (detailed itineraries with beautiful images)

Putting out a good word here: Italia Living ~ Passion for all that is Italian needs no further explanation. Be patient, it's still quite new, but any help in the forum section would be highly appreciated!

Up close at the waterfalls
Seeing these waterfalls were like taking a trip back home

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Wow the waterfall picture with the rainbow is spectacular! The great outdoors, can humble you and inspire you...You are so kind to share those links. I love Italy, I have such a passion for this country. I've visited but barely scratched the surface. I hope to explore every corner! So I hope to use these links some day. :-)
Christine | Homepage | 08.08.07 - 2:14 pm

Yeah for hiking! Beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing the photos and the great links. The rock formations in the top waterfall photo are so interesting! I would love to go to Italy and do some hiking... I'll add it to my growing list. one day...
emily | Homepage | 08.02.07 - 1:57 am

Oooh, the rainbow at the bottom of the last photo - that's beautiful!
Kathy | Homepage | 08.01.07 - 11:38 am

It looks fantastic...my husband and I are going to stay on Lake Como for ten days in November...can't wait.
anne | Homepage | 07.31.07 - 7:01 pm

That last shot surely reminded me of home. Thank you!
Kat | Homepage | 07.31.07 - 3:07 pm

Grazie Rowena for the inclusion in your blog. You really have some wonderful content here and the photos are beautiful. It is a real pleasure to have you join us at Italia Living and I hope to bring more people to enjoy your blog likewise!
a presto!
Richard Michelli | Homepage | 07.31.07 - 2:34 pm