Monday, January 07, 2008

Hiking in Italy: Ice, snow and cold

If Maddie the Snow Bunny left you amused, then entries for this week should give you an idea of what has been on my mind for the new year. A decade ago I would have scorned the suggestion of hiking in the cold winter but some of the best scenery in Italy becomes even better when it's covered in an icy landscape. The photos here were taken on a hike at Sant'Apollonia (scroll down) in Ponte di Legno.

What might appear at first as a small river crossing the path is actually a frozen sheet of ice. Fortunately a stretch of snow on the left side made it possible to get across even if my husband and Maddie found it difficult to resist the slippery surface. The westie does quiet well on ice, trotting and running over it without hesitation, her four legs going into ABS mode if the footing got tricky. I had only to keep an eye on her whenever she went too close to the stream. One misstep and it would be frozen pup-sicle.

Directions for Sant'Apollonia: See google maps. The white narrow road leading off to the left leads to and ends in a large picnic/parking area and thus begins the trail.

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