Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pasticceria da Bruno has a brand new website!

Se siete arrivati qui da "Pasticerria Da Bruno", aloha dalle isole! Non sono italiana, ma una ragazza hawaiiana molto golosa di dolci in tutte le forme, torta, cannoli, e anche lo zampino! Vi consiglio, andate a Da Bruno - che buono!

And it's gorgeous! I'm also so pleased (and really, quite blushing), that this Rubber Slippers blog has a small mention in it under curiosita'. I didn't ask to be included, but it only goes to show that when your weakness for italian pastry shops is an insatiable desire, telling the whole world about it might land you on a web page. A good thing that I'll always have a neverending love affair with desserts, pastries and all things sweet.

Long story short, Pasticceria "Da Bruno" is the pastry shop that we had discovered while attending La Chiamata di Marzo. As it turned out, my post on Lo Zampino caught the attention of the owner's sister, and now the ball is in my court to make a return visit. The question of course is when. Hmmmm....hopefully for Christmas, then I'll be able to report on La Gata, another typical treat from Vicenza which has a delightful story behind it. Follow the link for more information (in italian), but I assure you, it does not go meow!