Thursday, May 28, 2009

72 hours...after the operation

Since Nate in Okinawa took such a concerned interest in MB's welfare (yes it's still Mister - he's got his dingaling you know), I took some time out of my busy gardening schedule to stitch together a bunch of videos shot this morning. I apologize for the lack of choreography and for dancing in my overalls, but weeds just don't give a hoot if you need to break for 10 minutes. Special thanks go to Baxter the dachshund for demonstrating his boogieing moves.

And as stated two posts ago, I usually don't care to swipe pics of guys in uniform but the ???'s raised on the masked man necessitated an explanation...of sorts. This is a couple years back and I imagine that after some time, anybody would bulk out "guns" if they did the dirty work like these boys do. Eat your heart out, Tom "Top Gun Maverick" Cruise.



Blogger Frizzy said...

Seriously? I can't even figure out how to post a video from You Tube let alone one of my own! Glad to see your pup is feeling better. Great action shot of your son! I know you must really miss him! 6 count them 6 days until I'm back on European soil again! I CAN'T WAIT! Sooo wish I could meet you in person.

11:45 PM, May 28, 2009  
Blogger Deb said...

Ro, that is AMAZING! you need to get yourselves on tv with mario lopez:)
Those are some talented pups.

There's that handsome son of yours again...Maverick who??

11:48 PM, May 28, 2009  
Blogger debi_in_Hawaii said...

That is incredible! I've been trying to get my boy to do that, but uh, no. He's like me...choreographically challenged.
He does the bang! bang! though, took me awhile to get him to stop wagging that tail. "Mista Shu, if I shoot you, your tail will NOT be wagging! LOL
See all that edumacation did Mista B good! He's a star!

12:43 AM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger K and S said...

glad to hear the "b" is coming around :)

1:24 AM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger Middle-aged Diva said...

Totally adorable...but Baxter is overshadowing your other dog!!!

1:53 AM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger 2kamuela47 said...

Glad Mr. B is doing better! Cute dance!

7:29 AM, May 29, 2009  
Anonymous RONW said...

Rowena, you get neighbors nearby? Just kidding.

8:22 AM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger Rowena... said...

Frizzy - on any video clip page on YouTube, there is an embed source in the upper righthand corner box. Just customize the size, border, etc and copy & paste into your blog post. Have a safe flight over the pond!

Deb - it has been weeks since I've practiced dance lessons with the dogs. As soon as things started to warm up I was outside doing all things gardening, all the time. Yeah...Maverick who?!

Debi - I think we lucked out on dog #2 being so willing to learn all these tricks. I put the Elvis track on and he's like "yeah! i get treats whenever that song plays." I only wish we had something like Earthdog Trials like you had previously mentioned. He really does well in focusing when you want him to do something.

Kat - when he first got home I guess it was too uncomfortable to "lift a leg" so he actually squatted to take a piss. Within a day he was back to normal...pissing "boy-style" on the lavender plants...grrrrr.

Middle-aged Diva - being the first dog in our home, the westie is more spoiled of the two. Her style is minimum effort for maximum treats...and she always gets in the last word (insists on sleeping on the bed).

8:55 AM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger Rowena... said...

Laura - you think he would even look cuter if I made an Elvis costume for him? *lol*

RONW - but how did you know? I set up the camera in a corner that's unseen by neighbors higher up the mountainside and those living in units to the right. The ones in front both go to work so I knew the coast would be clear. I know the neighbors have seen me talking to my plants so the last thing I need is them seeing me dance with the dogs.

9:00 AM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger Barbara said...

Hi Ro,
Very clever dogs !!!
Your hard training paid off big time to showcase them here & on YT.

Glad that Mr B's operation went well.He's back in the money now !
Looking good ;)

9:38 AM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger OkiHwn said...

Good for The B!

9:48 AM, May 29, 2009  
OpenID scatteredmoments said...

Wow! That is so great. I need to step up the training with Matisse asap! So Mr B was back to normal 3 days after the snip? My vet said that M would have to wear a cone collar for a month... time to change vets??

1:22 PM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger Rowena... said...

Barbara - now all I need do is to get him comfortable in the social scene. I'm not asking for Mr Aloha but if could just quit being fearful of strangers then I'll feel better about getting him a passport. We hope to bring the dogs to France this winter!

Nate - all's well that ends well. I asked Mistah today if a 3pm check-up appointment with the doctor was okay. He answered by lifting his leg to show me his bandage (he was laying in his doggie bed). I took that as an affirmative.

1:25 PM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger Rowena... said...

ScatteredMoments - sounds like you might want to shop around for another vet! Mister wore a collar for only a day and that was one that we already had at home. I have to say that he's also pretty cooperative when I tell him NO! or Stop it! in the most serious of voices. With Matisse...I know how stubborn beagles can be! The vet said that there would be some discomfort with itchiness (from getting shaved clean) and naturally, their own curiosity. I can't believe your vet would say a month -- MB is going in tomorrow for a checkup/remove bandage and it hasn't even been a week.

1:34 PM, May 29, 2009  
Anonymous manju said...

You guys are ready for "Italian Idol" big time!! What a trooper B is -- he's already dancing and you can still see his stitches. You're right, Maddie, is definitely the cool cucumber biding her time and effort and letting the new kid knock himself out! Kawai'i!!!

2:31 PM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Bravo, Rowena, Mr. B, Ms. Maddie!
Bravo! Now that's what I call team work, and without a script! ;)

I am so happy to see Mr. B has recovered so well, Rowena.

LOL It looked like it was in the
80's or so to be barefootin'! And Rowena, check with Toni Basil if she's hiring! You'd make a heck of a choreographer!

A buon weekend to all! :))

2:35 PM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger Marina said...

Great movie: music and all!!! Brava!!!!
He is sooooo good, I love it when he goes backwords....
So glad he has recovered completely.

5:49 PM, May 29, 2009  
OpenID carlae said...

I LOVE pet tricks. I like the trick that Maddie does by just staying near and getting treats.

6:38 PM, May 29, 2009  
Blogger .kat. said...

The video of your pooches
was so cute! If I had my
German Shepherd trained
like that. . . well, Mr. Hubby
would be hurtin'! Ha! Too

6:51 AM, May 30, 2009  
Blogger Brad F. said...

Wow! I'm glad to see that Mr B is recovering so quickly! It took my cat so much longer to become active again... but then again... cats aren't all that active anyways.

9:35 AM, May 30, 2009  
Blogger Maryann said...

This is great! Sooo cute! Good job training, Rowena!

1:52 PM, May 30, 2009  
Blogger Fern Driscoll said...

Rock on, Mr. B!

9:09 PM, May 30, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wot!!! That video just did it! Now I HAVE TO get me a dog! That was awesome! What's up with Mads? Did she learn to the steps too? Or is it that she knows her cuteness will get her anything? - Ru

1:02 AM, May 31, 2009  
Blogger Carla said...

I can't believe how well you have your dogs trained. Too cute.

3:42 AM, May 31, 2009  
Blogger Rowena... said...

Manju - I'm going to attribute his energy to pure puppy power. He was actually jumping for joy when the MotH went to pick him up. The "kid" is a born dancer.

Petra - *lol* you did not see all the sections that were edited out! Suffice to say that had there been a director behind scenes, he'd have been screaming 'Cut! Cut! Cut!'

Marina - if his recovery has anything to do with the snacks that I give him, then raw carrots, steamed zucchini and bananas are superfoods. He LOVES all of them.

Carlae - ah yes...the seasoned oldtimer that she is. Let's hope that MrB never picks up on that!

.Kat - German Shepherds make great cop show dogs though! When Maddie was younger, she loved a show called Inspector Rex where a german shepherd helped solve a lot of the cases. She'd be like...'oh he's so haaandsome!'

8:10 AM, June 01, 2009  
Blogger Rowena... said...

Brad - or it could be just that energetic doxie personality. He didn't waste any time getting "amorous" with his stuffed dinosaur either, and at 5 days after the operation at that!

Maryann, Fern - between the dogs and garden...see where all my time and energy goes? ^-^

Ru - Maddie is just plain princess material. She's that. You must keep in mind though that not all dogs are born dancers. I'd love to get an english bulldog, but I've been told that they are no Fred Astaires.

Carla - thanks! During those long, cold winter months, dancing was about the brightest spot in our day.

8:19 AM, June 01, 2009  
Anonymous casalba said...

Mr B is brilliant at it, Rowena. A complete natural. Maddie beats him with the turns though.

9:29 AM, June 02, 2009  
Blogger Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Fabulous. So cute and Maddie looks so proud of herself!

11:42 PM, June 02, 2009  
Blogger Rowena... said...

Casalba, WL - Maddie has a preference for spinning (the ballerina!) but MrB loves to jump. He is the more hip-hop of the two!

10:04 AM, June 03, 2009  

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