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Pasquetta at the Grignetta

The peak of the Grignetta. Piece of cake for nimble-footed climbers (italian site). Post-easter weekend update: since Monday ( la pasquetta ) is also a holiday in Italy, we embarked on an ambitious attempt to whip our lethargic winter muscles back into shape. The photo is a section of the Grignetta (2177 meters), the lower part of Grigna mountain in Lecco province. According to trail guides the hike to the foot of Grignetta (1384 meters) takes only 90 minutes, but I just don't see how that's possible unless you're speed-flying through the trees like Edward and Bella . I'm still beat, mentally and physically. Must...get..must get It feels as if a stampede just ran over me. From a departure point of 750 meters, we walked up 625+ meters (2000+ feet) on a winding 19% grade in 2½ hours. The return was quicker but much of the trail is full of loose rock. Fell on my okole only once. Swore several times. This hike was alright for a get-in-shape out

Wishing you a peaceful easter weekend

*Yawn* *grumble* *nose in the air*. It wasn't easy convincing these two to agree to an easter greeting photo shoot. Just to get them wearing the ears without pulling or shaking them off was a 10 minute battle of I'm not having any of that *BS* . But the way to a dog's cooperation is through the stomach, and eventually, two dishes of pear chunks was enough to grant me this Kodak moment. Happy Easter from me, MotH, Maddie and MisterB