Monday, October 15, 2007

Hiking the big one: The Resegone of Lecco

View from Rifugio Monzesi

To unknowing eyes these veiled peaks could easily be construed as Mystery Mountain, but speaking just for myself, the Resegone at close range is, in a word, staggering. With perfect fall weather this past Saturday, we packed 'nduja sandwiches, a couple of granola bars and set out on trail #11 which leads through Valle della Gallavessa towards the Resegone. This particular path commences at the end of the road from the secluded village of Erve (559 meters) and zigzags upwards at a steady pace, reaching the southern foot of Resegone and Rifugio Monzesi in about 2-2½ hours (1173 meters). The peak, or la vetta, reaches a height of 1875 meters (6151 feet) — we'll gladly leave that 2 hour climb to the maniacs. The trail marker labels #11 as facile (easy). Easy my butt! For goats perhaps, as the difference between beginning and end amounts to 614 meters. That's 2014 feet fyi. A cardiovascular exercise on the way up, and a real workout for the calves on the return trip down, even with the use of hiking poles. For the dog it was just another walk in the park.

As it turned out, there were goats on the trail...

Rifugio Monzesi

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The scenery on this hike isn't as spectacular as those with a clear view of the lake but it's a pleasant walk in the fall when the season turns everything into warm autumn colors. Just past the donkey bridge (Ponte del Bruco), there's a natural water source named San Carlo. It spouts out from a deep source within and there's a metal cup attached to the rocks--handy for weary hikers wanting to quench their thirst.
~rowena~ | 10.16.07 - 2:14 pm
Sorgente di San Carlo

Goats! I have yet to see a goat in real life! They look almost mystical to me, like characters out of Harry Potter! Maddie, of course, is darling as always. She never fails to put a smile on my face!
Kathy | Homepage | 10.16.07 - 5:29 am

That's an awesome hike. Well ~ at least it was worth the hike up and down right? Maddie seems to be having it easy. The bread you had 'Nduja looks delicious.
piccola | 10.16.07 - 4:48 am

I checked out the link in your post and it mentioned a cable car. Cable car my a**! I'll stay on the ground thank you very much! That's one mighty mountain! Love that goat on the left. What an expression!
Maryann | Homepage | 10.16.07 - 1:12 am

Wow - that is beautiful! I calculated that going up 2014 feet in two hours means going up one foot every three and a half seconds or so - that's almost like walking up stairs only the footing isn't so good! I was looking for Maddie posing amongst the goats, but I guess didn't make their acquaintance?
Cathy | Homepage | 10.16.07 - 12:14 am