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In the news: from blogosphere to printed publication

It's just a little thing really, but when a staff member from a periodical for Italy's Alpini requested permission to reprint one of my blog entries, I had no idea how surprised, and I have to admit, a little bit sheepish I'd feel after seeing my Tasi e Tira article taking up half the space on page 12. I just received my copy in the mail. The entry was posted over a year ago but through the vast reaches of the internet it goes to show what nice things can happen when you try to immerse yourself in a culture not your own. Perhaps the word "immerse" is rather modest as I like to jump right into the middle of things and get up close and personal. What tickles me the most is that this blog started off as a way of amusing myself (and expanding my knowledge of the country's cuisine), but getting published...whoa! It's like icing on the cake!

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LindyLouMac said…
Brilliant, Fantastic and so well deserved Rowena.
K and S said…
whoo! I can get your autograph?? :) way to go!
Frizzy said…
Congratulations my dear! You deserved to be published long long ago. This is such a big honor!
Rowena, Congratulations! a composition beautifully written. You made me present for this meal simply by your command of the word from a superior height.

"It looked to be a sort of tubular cookie that twisted onto itself"

Cheers for the cerebrally fine meal from the mountains!
Jude said…
Congratulations, Rowena!! That is too awesome for words! I tried to get caught up with more of your past posts once, and I remember this one :) A lovely tribute to the pure fabulousness of your blog and about time! You're famous! :)
Congratulations Rowena, such an achievement ,,Well done ♥
Anonymous said…
Complimenti! Good, good, good for you!
Tamakikat said…
Congratulations Rowena!
Midge said…
Congratulazioni on seeing print! :D
Rowena said…
Thank you everyone - for the pats on the back, but here is the kicker...I did not remember everything that I wrote in that article and now I feel kinda silly. Reading the italian translation, I was horrified at the part where it says: Ho dovuto sbottonare i pantaloni a quel punto. I wrote that I had to unbutton my pants???!!! Buahaha! I hope it doesn't set a precedent for how local people eat in Hawaii. I should've just gone to that festa in a mu'u mu'u.
casalba said…
Just wanted to add my "Congratulations", also. Brava!
Brad Farless said…
Just wanted to say congratulations, Mrs. Roscoe! He he he!
Gayle said…
WONDERFUL!! So happy for you, Rowena.

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