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A winter white new year

We are back, and let me say that while I got my wish for a white Christmas, waking up to a wintry wonderland on the first day of 2009 was like wishes come true all over again. This has been one very snowy season for Italy, the most I've ever seen since moving here. Can you tell that the Mads agrees with the stuff? The arrival of the new year saw a fresh layer of about 6 inches as a powdery veil fell continuously from the evening before. Let it snow baby snow! With a crackling fire in the hearth and a pot of bubbling fontal on the table, we celebrated untraditionally, à la fondue, one bite after another til the cast iron vessel ran dry. I need to remember that a pound of cheese is nowhere enough for two. Amazing how a cold, snowy night does something to morph your tummy into a bottomless pit. The dish of thick, melted cheese ran out way before midnight.

Even at less than 20F degrees outside and frozen flurries swirling like mad, there was no missing a celebratory toast in the middle of it all. Bundled up head to toe, with a bottle of spumante in hand, we cheered and barked (doggies celebrate too!) as the countdown began. At the stroke of twelve, a small show of illegal fireworks illuminated the night sky, cascading amidst icy precipitation. Maddie went wild; Mister Bentley so-so (actually Mr. B is pretty chill for an 11 month old pup, he’d rather pick a fight with a cat); and there I was sputtering as fat snowflakes smacked me right, left, and upside in the face. All across the valley rumbled booming echoes as neighboring alpine towns rang and blasted in the nuovo anno.


A couple feet deep and growing. MotH took a day off from work as road conditions make it too dangerous to drive. It's been snowing for nearly 36 hours straight! The first image below was taken yesterday morning. Yep, those are garden clogs that we are wearing. Just as well that we're stuck in the house since our guests have made themselves quite at home. In the 2nd image that's Mr & Mrs Snowman 24 hours later. I shot that photo this morning. For a brief moment it lightened up a teeny bit, but I believe that the frozen couple aren't in a hurry to leave anytime soon. Possibly, an extended family of snow aunts and uncles could arrive later in the day. What's it like in Hawaii now? Around 80 degrees? S.O.S. - send over sun!

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