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Hiking in Fuipiano Valle Imagna (Bergamo) - part I

Il tetto della Valle Imagna (the roof of Imagna valley). We liked this hike so much that four days later I cooked up some yummy Hawaii-style eats and we went back for more. Trails around Lecco and Como may boast magical views of the lakes, but just 19 miles northwest of Bergamo the landscape is no less enchanting. This photo was taken high above the village of Fuipiano Valle Imagna (pop. 240, bottom left). We live over the mountain range in the far distance - you can barely make out the line of signal towers at the crest - so that gives an idea of how right in the middle of hiking heaven we are.

From Fuipiano Valle Imagna to Zuc di Valbona - 50 minutes

A metal crucifix marks the location which is easily seen from Fuipiano on a clear day. Once at the top, you'll have a pick of great spots to spread out a picnic lunch, but be forewarned that getting there means a very steep climb that will give your thigh, calf and derriere muscles a workout! In the photo below, you can just make out the exposed trail on the right that climbs along the face of the mountain.

Right, left, right, right. Take those directions at each fork along the way and it will lead to the above-mentioned 20% grade that ends at a storage building before finally curving up to Zuc di Valbona. Google map: to get to where the trail begins, upon reaching Fuipiano (A), drive to the end of via Milano (B). There are a couple of parking areas on the side of the road. From here an asphalt passage (authorized vehicles only) goes up to private pasture and you'll soon meet the first fork in this itinerary. This trail coasts along the 579 until it (#579) branches off into the forest after the last fork. Heading in the direction of the red arrow, the ultra steep climb soon comes into view.

15th century village Arnosto

Don't miss the nearby località of Arnosto (look for white on brown signposts) when visiting Fuipiano Valle Imagna. It has been restored to picture postcard condition and even has its own page - Amici di Arnosto - on Facebook.


Frizzy said…
Why is it that a hike here just doesn't have the same...excitement or interest as they do in Europe and Italy?
K and S said…
man, that looks like a mean hike! though a very beautiful one.
Rowena said…
Frizzy & Bird - I've asked myself the same thing...can't pinpoint what it actually is, but I don't get as amped over hiking as I do here in Italy.

Kat - I'm getting in all the practice I can for Mt. Fuji! Every single weekend if it isn't too hot. ^-^
K and S said…
good for you :)
I can remember this area , although didn't do hikes..One day I think we will have to go back again and experience it for ourselves.

Are you going to climb Mt Fuji ??
casalba said…
Couldn't help smiling half way through this post: the detail you went into giving directions - even a google map... like I'm really going to do that! Even the promise of a picnic and great views at the top... nope, I'll just follow you here, thanks.
RONW said…
a hiking-and-food blog. Cannot get anymore healthier than that.
What a lovely hike & what a lovely & beautiful scenery!!

Rowena said…
Anne - my dream is to one day climb Mt. Fuji, so until that day comes, I'm getting in all the practice that I can!

Casalba - I'm sure that it has something to do with our dependency on the navigator, but I'm covering my bases in the event someone writes and tells me that they couldn't find the trail! Most italian itineraries just tell you to park at the top of the town...we always end up stopping in at the bar for directions!

RONW - it's something in the air I tell you. Let's just hope I don't start uploading yodeling videos on this site.

Sophie - the nice thing was not having the place crowded like how Lake Como typically is during summer. So much easier to enjoy the beauty in silence.
Love the pics, especially the one of Arnosto.
Anonymous said…
Next time you guys are in Bergamo let us know. We usually go hiking on Sundays. I'd like to start exploring more of Lecco too.
Rowena said…
scatteredmoments - take a look at this site for Valle Vertova. We are waiting until the temps fall until we do some hiking around there. Will definitely let you know unless you beat us to this place!
Princess Fifi said…
PrincessFiFi - OMG!! Myself and a friend decided to do the walk suggested in Fuipiano Valle Imagna this past weekend. Although we battled a little to find the start of the trail we were soon on our way... Wow! what a walk, what a view and overall What a day... I'm used to hiking in the gentle hills of Derbyshire, England and a few bumps they call hills around the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. My legs were not prepared for this one and are now feeling it but ready to do it all over again.... The only thing missing for us was our beloved dogs that we left back in South Africa. But for anyone thinking about tackling this hike - GO FOR IT!!! Worth every second... thanks for the suggestions and look forward to more...

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